It’s a term that gets discussed on real estate shows about as often as the CDC mentions social distancing. The term is called “curb appeal,” but what exactly does it mean? Curb appeal represents the lasting positive impression that people have every time they pass by your home. It is possible that you might hear things like “Wow, those new lights really highlight your newly landscaped front yard at night” or “I really like how you sculpted the hedges.”

As a rental property owner, you want your property to elicit the same reactions from quality renters. The question is how do you improve the curb appeal of your rental property?

Best Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Rental Property

According to the property management team at Utopia Management, it’s the little things that make a big difference in boosting the curb appeal of rental properties. It’s not about replacing the roof or adding a garage. You want to consider the following quick ways to boost the curb appeal of your rental property to attract the best tenants.

Clean Appearance

Quality tenants take pride in how their apartments look. They also run away from a rental property that presents a dirty appearance. You can finely manicure the front lawn and repaint the front of the property, but all the work means nothing if you do not clean up your rental property. Make sure to clean up the front of your rental property by removing debris from the front yard. Clear out weeds that have grown in the lawn, as well as keep the hedges neatly trimmed. Bag up fallen leaves and branches before cutting the grass at a seasonally appropriate level. As far as the exterior of your home, pressure wash the surface and the windows to get rid of unsightly dirt and grime.

Add Lights

Curb appeal is as relevant after the sun sets as when it shines directly above your rental property. Add low-voltage lights along both sides of the driveway and the sidewalk leading up to your home. Outdoor sconces project a minimalist, yet classical look that should up the “wow” factor for your rental property. You should also install colored lights next to prominent landscaping features. A decorative lamp placed to the side of the front porch completes the quick lighting project.

Replace Shutters

Time and Mother Nature form a potent team that diminishes the quality of shutters. If you have shutters that have faded appearances, replace them with new shutters. The same principle applies to shutters that have damaged sections. Just a coat of fresh paint can produce the “wow” factor that attracts quality tenants. Replacing shutters is an affordable way to enhance the curb appeal of a rental property.

Paint or Replace the Front Door

Think of the front door to your rental property as the magnet that attracts the attention of quality renters. Painting or replacing the front door makes the front of your rental property “pop.” You can replace every piece of hardware that includes the knocker and doorknob. Check out the ideas presented by ETO Doors to determine how you should approach a front door improvement project.


Beautify the Landscaping

Improving how the landscaping looks for your rental property involves much more than trimming bushes and collecting fallen leaves. You want to present a modern appearance that shows you care about your rental property.

Here are a few quick ways to beautify the landscaping for your rental property:

  • Cut branches at their bases to foster new growth
  • Place weed barriers in gardens and flower beds
  • Add mulch to protect sensitive areas of the lawn
  • Develop a garden and/or a flower bed
  • Attach window boxes full of colorful flowers
  • Prune the front lawn to prevent overgrowth and to remove dead vegetation

Repaint the Structure

A freshly painted rental property is a surefire quick way to attract quality tenants. Use a lighter color or combination of colors that convey positive energy. Sometimes, pressure washing does not remove all the dirt and grime. You might have to sand discolored spots down before applying a fresh coat of attractive paint. If you have the money budgeted, consider hiring a professional contractor to paint the entire building.

Update the Driveway

Driveways are often neglected when it comes to home improvement projects. It takes little time and barely any money to turn a disheveled driveway into a visually appealing area to park vehicles. A driveway that is dominated by weeds and cracks will not make a positive lasting impression on quality renters. Apply a little bit of weed spray and seal the cracks with a professional grade asphalt sealant.

Add Seating by the Front Door

Adding a chair on each side of the front door creates a symmetrical appealing quick way to update the look of your rental property. Cast iron chairs or a couple of small futons can bring the finishing touches to your curb appeal improvement project.

One More Thing About Curb Appeal

The primary goal of boosting the curb appeal of your property is to attract the most reliable tenants. A rental property at full capacity ensures you maximize revenue. You also make out well financially when you boost the curb appeal of your rental property. Like a home’s curb appeal, boosting the curb appeal of your rental property should coincide with an increase in the value of the property.

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