Apply These Techniques to Improve Your Mid-Century Furniture

There’s something about classic designs of furniture. They are subtle, but they have a wow factor. They are simple, yet many people appreciate their simplicity. That is why if you have a piece of mid century furniture at home, you should know these techniques to improve how they look and to preserve their quality. They are so popular that everyone wants to get their hands on them. However, not a lot of people know how to care for these kinds of furniture. 

What Is It Made Of? 

Although the furniture that embodies mid-century designs today do not use the materials used in the past, manufacturers still purchase quality resources to produce them. Some of the most common wood items used are natural oak, elm, birch, ash, beech, and walnut. If you want leather for your furniture, you can check out some designs using top-grain leather that underwent manual finishing and distressing. 

Another option for your furniture is to purchase one that has fabric as its surface. There are so many amazing materials used to make this furniture, so choose which best fits your style and your home. 

What Is Mid-Century Furniture

The usual designs of mid-century furniture include sleek lines, organic shapes, and the like. It reimagines how it looked in the past but with a touch of modernization. It’s simple, practical, and is still able to make a statement. You will also expect that this kind of furniture focuses on the details, the craftsmanship, and the quality. 


Taking Care of the Furniture 

If you want to use your furniture for years, know how to properly clean and maintain it. Some of the ways include using a “0000” steel wool. This steel wool is ultra-fine, flexible, and best used on furniture coated with varnish, paint, or oil. This is best used when removing wall bumps, minor scratches, and even stains. 

You then need to look for the perfect oil that will go with your furniture. One tip in choosing the right oil is going for a natural and non-toxic oil. Also, do not use one that has petroleum distillates or any form of silicone. These can interfere with the longevity of your furniture. 

Once you choose your oil, you have to wipe the surface with it. Use the steel wool to spread the oil or substance so you can preserve the furniture’s quality. If there are damaged areas, you can also sand the furniture with sandpaper. After filing it, spread the oil using a cloth so it can cover the parts you just sanded down. 

Another tip for preserving the furniture is regularly dusting it. It is better if you used a damp cloth to wipe it down. Allow it to dry and repeat the process if you still see some dust. After removing the dust, use the oil again to make the surface shiny. Leave the oil and let it soak into the furniture for a couple of hours. 

There are other tips out there when taking care of your furniture, but these are the essential things you can quickly and regularly follow. Remember that such furniture is designed for practicality and usability. Use it and enjoy it. What is important is you know how to clean your furniture. Try to make it look like it is brand new as much as possible so that you maintain its aesthetically-pleasing look.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
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