Amazing Benefits of Washlets

Gone are the days when people are using toilet papers or handheld sprays to clean themselves after using the bathroom. Many establishments are now using washlets in their bathrooms, and many households are now using the equipment, too. 

Many washlets, like the TOTO washlet, use modern technologies to make their users’ lives a lot easier, and most of all, sanitary. Read on, and you will learn more about the amazing benefits of using washlets in your bathroom. 

It is easy to maintain 

Washlets, such as TOTO’s, use EWATER+ technology. The water streams from its nozzle and bowl eliminate 99.9% of bacteria every time you use it. Moreover, washlets are detachable and have no hidden crevices, making it very easy to clean. 

It saves the environment 

The washlets’ EWATER+ technology has antibacterial properties, and you don’t need to use other types of chemicals to clean your toilet. Moreover, most modern washlets are equipped with a timer that saves energy. This equipment remembers your habits and automatically chooses the best time to get into standby mode, saving a lot of energy. 

It is a space-saver 

Washlets don’t have handheld sprayers, since their nozzles are built within the toilet. This means you don’t have to install other equipment in your bathroom, saving you space and money. 

It is more comfortable to use 

Modern washlets come with different features to make you feel comfortable when doing your business in the bathroom. These are: 

  • Adjustable air dryer
  • Automatic deodorizer that sets off after using the toilet
  • Automatic dim light function, so it is easy to use at night without turning on your bathroom’s bright lights 

It improves your hygiene 

You clean your hands with water when they get dirty. With that in mind, it only makes sense that you also need water to clean the area down there. Using water is cleaner, faster, and a lot more effective compared to toilet paper. 

It is safe to use 

Washlets only activate when you sit on the toilet. Thus, that feature keeps you from accidental water splash that normally happens with handheld sprayers. This situation can wet your clothes, and most importantly, the floor, making it slippery, which poses a great danger in bathrooms. 

It addresses hemorrhoids 

If you have hemorrhoids, wiping your rear with toilet paper may cause bleeding. With that being said, a warm water stream from a washlet can be a good alternative that you need. A study compared sitz baths to warm water spray for people who have undergone surgeries around the anus. It has found that both have the same effects when it comes to healing the wounds. The participants who used the washlets reported that warm water streams are way more satisfying and convenient. 

It saves you money in long terms 

An average person uses around 81 rolls of toilet paper, equivalent to around $234 every year. With that in mind, you are flushing your money down the toilet. However, with the TOTO washlet, you can save around $182 annually after your initial investment, which can get higher depending on how many family members you have in your home. 

Washlets are a great addition to your modern bathroom that provides a lot of amazing benefits. Moreover, it is a good investment for your business, such as hotels, apartments, or condos, to attract more guests and renters.  

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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