aAre Glass Balustrades Safe?

Glass balustrades make an attractive decoration to any home, office, or industrial space. The glass’s transparency allows light to enter an area, removing any visual barriers and opening up mezzanines, floors, and rooms into broad, bright spaces. 

It comes in different finishes, such as frosting that provides effective and attractive branding or customization. On the other hand, a simple finish is best for any modern, minimalist designs. 

However, many people decide against the glass when it comes to designing open-plan spaces. Their usual concern is the safety as glass is known to be fragile, easy to shatter and poses too many risks. 

The truth is, choosing a balustrade made of glass involves little risk. Read on, and you will learn what makes glass balustrades attractive, durable, and a safe choice. 

What Makes Glass Balustrades Safe? 

Glass balustrades are incredibly safe if they are installed by professionals and complied with the legislation. Adding a balustrade, a barrier or a banister can improve the safety of your balcony, mezzanine and staircase, regardless of the material you are going to use. 

Several regulations for installing exist only to ensure safety. BCA regulations AS 1170.1 ensures that the balustrade can withstand the impact from a person falling against it. Moreover, it should be strong enough not to collapse if people lean against it. Furthermore, it specifies that handrails should be equally strong. 

By following all the safety regulations, you can rest assured that your glass balustrade is safe. 

What Type of Glass is Safe for Balustrade? 

One of the main factors to keep the glass balustrades safe is the type of glass used in it’s making. The glass’s thickness is another crucial factor. The building regulation also specifies what is suitable for use in balustrade construction. 

Glass balustrades should use Grade A safety glass. Grade A, toughened laminated safety glass is used at higher levels. The specifications depend on several factors, which include the height of the glass will be used and the load it will carry. So, make sure to choose a builder who has a good knowledge of “AS 1288: Glass in Buildings—Selection and Installation”, the Australian Standard that every glass balustrade should comply with. 


Safety Benefits Glass Balustrades 

Glass balustrades are not just a safe choice. In most cases, it is the safest choice. It is a robust material that does not degrade over time. While wood may rot, and brick may crumble, the glass will stay strong for the rest of its life. Moreover, it is resistant to impact caused by pests or pets, and it won’t be damaged from water exposure. These make the glass durable and long-lasting. 

Furthermore, Grade A safety glass is remarkably hard to break. Compared to wood that can easily snap, glass can absorb any impact and spread it across to lessen it, making glass strong and hard to break. 

In addition to its vital features, the glass’s transparency is also a safety benefit. It would let you see what is going on around the balcony or stairs, giving you a better judgement of height. 

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits of a glass balustrade is that it is safe for kids. Wood and metal are designed to have gaps and slats to keep them from being visually overwhelming. This poses a significant risk to kids’ little limbs. The gaps in glass balustrades designs are too small for kids’ little body parts, so they won’t get stuck in or slip through. 

Glass balustrades are the best choice if you are looking for aesthetics, quality, and safety. All it takes is finding a reliable builder who follows all the safety regulations and complies with legislation.

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