A Quick Guide to Concrete Epoxy Coating

From your driveway to your garage, applying a concrete epoxy coating can make it look beautiful and provide you with long-lasting durability.

Before you decide whether concrete epoxy coatings are the right option, it’s important to understand more about how they work.

Read this concrete epoxy coating buying guide to help you determine which type of coating is best for your needs.

The Benefits of Applying a Concrete Epoxy Coating

When choosing a choosing concrete epoxy coating, there is a wide range of benefits to consider. First, adding the coating will give your floors a much more durable surface that can withstand lots of foot and vehicle traffic.

These coatings are made from a combo of polymer resins and hardeners that result in a smooth surface. Your floors will be easier to clean, and they’ll also resist stains resulting from spills like paint or motor oil.

You can apply a concrete epoxy coating for both your home and in a commercial setting, which means they’re versatile, too. When you pick out the color or style, it also adds an attractive touch to the floors that can make any area look updated and more modern. The installation process is easy and you can find out more from Garage Force if you want to explore your options.

Tips for Applying Epoxy Coatings

You can hire a professional to apply your concrete epoxy coating, or you can find kits that allow you to do it yourself. Whichever way you go, it’s important to make sure that the floors are completely clean and dry before you begin the application process.

While it’s not mandatory, a primer is also a good idea since it will help the coating bond to the concrete more effectively. You apply the primer just like paint, then let it sit for several hours until it’s completely cured.

When adding the coatings yourself, make sure that the temperatures are mild to moderate, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Most epoxy coatings contain two parts that must be mixed together, and they should be applied very quickly once the two are combined. Do not let anyone walk on your floors until the epoxy mixture is completely dry and has time to adhere to the floors. 

Some coatings include small metallic flakes that give your floors a nice, clan shine. Others have colored flakes that recreate the look of terrazzo stone. Either way, these coatings will instantly make your average concrete floors look more modern and attractive. 

Renew Your Floors Today

From a home garage to an industrial warehouse, adding a concrete epoxy coating can make any concrete floor look fresh and new. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why so many home and business owners are choosing to add this to their floors.

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