7 Eco-Friendly Home Improvements to Make Before Listing Your Home

There’s so much on your to-do list before listing your home, and making eco-friendly home improvements should be towards the top. Making environmentally friendly renovations not only increases your home’s value, but it’s also a valuable investment for the future of our world.

Keep reading to learn the 7 best eco-friendly home improvements you should consider before selling your home.

1. Roof Solar Panels

Solar panels are gaining popularity every day, and more and more people are adding these to their homes. They’re not as expensive as you might think, and they’re a sustainable investment that buyers are sure to love.

If solar panels on your roof aren’t the right choice for you, look at retrofitting a metal roof. It could be a good option to upgrade before you sell your home!

2. Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Depending on how long you lived at your house for it might be time to replace the flooring. If you’re considering hardwood, use reclaimed wood instead. These are easy to source and since they’ve been used before they aren’t as prone to warping.

3. Don’t Use VOC Paint

When repainting the house avoid volatile organic compounds (VOCs) paints. It has been proven that VOCs are detrimental to our health, and have been known to cause:

  • respiratory issue
  • headaches
  • irritated eyes
  • damage to the nervous system
  • liver and kidney damage
  • cancer

VOCs also produce harmful molecules and when it’s drying, releases those harmful chemicals into our atmosphere. 

4. Donate Unwanted Items

Don’t throw everything you don’t want into a dumpster. As long as it’s not broken or overly damaged let your old items live another life. Whether it’s old children’s toys or old furniture, drop it off at your local goodwill.

5. Go for Energy Efficient Appliances

If you do have to replace any appliances make sure they’re the energy-efficient kind. You’ll notice a lower energy bill, and the new people who buy your house will appreciate the upgrade. Depending on where you live, you may even get a tax break for using energy-efficient equipment!

6. Reface Over Replace

Sometimes all an old piece of furniture needs a fresh coat of paint, or to be cleaned. If you think you have to replace all of your kitchen cabinets consider having them painted instead.

Same with your bathrooms. If you think you have to redo the bathroom consider painting the cabinets or replacing something small like the mirror.

7. Deconstruct Don’t Demolish

If you do have to do major renovations don’t destroy and tear everything out. Take the pieces apart because you may be able to reuse them. If you can refurbish it will help lower cost and keep quality parts out of landfills.

Start Your Eco-Friendly Home Improvements Today

Now that you have an idea of what type of eco-friendly home improvements you can do, get started today. Start by making a list of the renovations you want to do, and how long they’re going to take to make sure you get your home listed on time!

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