6 Specific Uses of Aggregates When it Comes to Transforming the Look of Your Garden Space

There are several reasons why the use of aggregates is beneficial in the landscaping of your outside. Aggregates such as boulders, pebbles and other decorative stone as well as being practical are also extremely versatile. So, we thought we would have a look at many different uses for aggregates in landscaping and how they can be utilised to transform the look of your garden. 

They are ideal When Creating a Garden Walkway or Path 

Most aggregates are perfect for use in the construction of garden paths. A walkway is a perfect way to divide your garden into sections allowing you to have different vibes and colour schemes for different parts of your outside space. Probably the most popular choice when constructing a path is gravel. This is because it provides a cost-effective and durable solution for any garden walkway. 

As paths are designed to be walked on not admired they must be hard wearing as well as being aesthetically pleasing. Now for the layman it can be difficult to estimate exactly how much you will need for your project, but don’t worry as most suppliers will have an aggregate calculator which will help you work out the exact amount you need to complete your task. 

Improve the Look of a Water Feature 

If you are thinking of creating a water feature such as a pond in your garden then aggregates are extremely useful. People will often use smooth pebbles to give the impression of a river bed within your water feature. Decorative stones can also be used to give any pond or water feature an attractive edge or surround. 

If you are considering adding fish to a pond you need to ensure you select a suitable aggregate. Most suppliers will be able to provide you with pre washed stone, however, if you want to be on the safe side it may be wise to wash them again before placing them in situ. 

Driveway Resurfacing 

If you need to cover a large drive area but are working to strict budget then its worth considering an aggregate like shingle. Shingle will give your drive an attractive and traditional look and by choosing angular chippings you will get an aggregate that is firm under foot and as it fits tightly together while withstanding regular use. 

Aggregate is Excellent for Keeping Weeds Under Control 

When laying decorative stone or aggregates in your garden if you fit a membrane underneath it will create a barrier that will help prevent the growth of weeds. This will make your garden much easier to maintain. Using Aggregates is a great way to ensure you have a garden that is not only great to look at and relax in but is also relatively easy to maintain. 

Aggregates Are Excellent for Improving Drainage 

Decorative aggregates are permeable which means they allow water to run through them and into the ground below. This makes them perfect for helping to prevent flooding in your garden. When creating walkways in your garden using shingle or chippings as opposed to paving stones will help stop water congregating and leaving you at risk of flooding. 

Aggregates Will Help Protect Your Garden Against Drought

Aggregates are especially well suited if you are looking for a low-maintenance option for your garden. Things like rockeries and gravel gardens will provide you with an outside space that is not only easy to look after but is relatively drought-proof as it doesn’t require regular supplies of water.

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