6 Reasons to Move to Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, and today, the current population is 38,167,022. 

More and more people make a move to Canada each day for multiple reasons. 

Some of these reasons include bettering their lifestyles or furthering their education. 

Keep reading for six of the best reasons to move to Canada today!

1. Universal Healthcare

If you’re wondering why to move to Canada, the number one reason is that they offer universal healthcare to everyone. Universal healthcare means medical treatment is available for permanent residents, usually at no cost. 

To obtain free healthcare, you must apply for public health insurance. This insurance will come in a form similar to an ID card that you must present for health services. With this card, you won’t be responsible for any costs of most medical amenities. 

Additionally, even for those without public health insurance, all emergency services are free. Each territory and province provides these services through government taxes. 

Depending on your visa status, you could be eligible for a health card as well. You’ll need to apply in your territory to see if you can receive these benefits. Approval is not guaranteed, so you may be responsible for obtaining private insurance of your own. 

2. Diversity

Canada is one of the most culturally diverse countries to date. This multicultural nation is full of different languages, cuisines, religions, and traditions. In Canada, you’re not expected to try to blend in; being unique is 100% encouraged. 

This encouragement ensures that exclusion is at an all-time low, allowing everyone to respect and accept each other. Canada’s multiculturalism is perfect for those wanting to experience different cultures and customs.

Simply walking down the busy streets will give you the experience of hearing multiple languages. The larger cities in Canada allow you to immerse yourself in many new cuisines like Chinese, Koren, Italian, etc. 

Since its government is also culturally diverse, you can count on them to make the proper decisions for the people as a whole. You will have no doubt about being an equal member of Canada’s society, no matter your race, religion, or sex.

3. Education

Ask any moving guide what you can expect from Canada’s education system, and they’ll tell you it’s the best in the world. Unlike other countries, Canada’s take on education doesn’t center around money. Here, education is to better the youth no matter what. 

Canada’s government, compared to any other country, pays more per person on education. This lower cost allows students to further their studies without worrying about financial debt or large school loans. Therefore, students can perform better with a higher graduation rate overall. 

You can find some of the best universities in Canada, like the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, and Mcgill University, which are globally ranked institutions. Often, these universities produce valuable members of society that contribute skills and information to their country. 

4. Low Crime

Compared to the United States, Canada’s crime rate is exceptionally low. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s 100% crime or violence-free. There are still instances that occur throughout the country each day. 

Canada’s low crime can be attributed to many different reasons. Some say it’s due to the citizen’s naturally kind demeanor. Their friendly outlook on life helps keep violence and hostility low. 

Others say it is due to the low amount of gun ownership in Canada, meaning violent crimes happen less because fewer people own guns. Getting a firearm is a much more critical and prolonged process compared to the United States. This process also helps to strictly weed out those who are not the best candidates for gun ownership. 

5. Strong Economy 

Canada has one of the highest rates for the standard of living among the other countries in the world. Its strong economy makes it an excellent place for immigrants to move, allowing them to have a better quality of life overall. You’ll find many people moving to the country for this reason alone. 

Due to their strong economy, they also have a strong job market. Many residents are of retiring age, allowing more opportunities for the most desired occupations. The high number of retirees is also the reason for increased salaries in specific job categories. 

You don’t have to worry about having a job offer set in stone before moving if you’re an immigrant. Unlike other countries, you don’t need to have a job lined up in order to apply for a visa. This allowance helps streamline the moving process and can reduce your stress levels. 

6. Low Population 

Since Canada is the second biggest country in the world, there’s no overpopulation. Its 10 million square kilometers allow its residents to spread out and live peacefully. 

Finding homes for sale in Canada is not stressful since you won’t be fighting with millions of other people. Finding Canadian homes that fit your needs can be quickly done due to its low population. You’ll find more information here when searching for a property in Canada. 

Its vast countryside is also filled with gorgeous national parks, arctic tundra, and mountains. You’ll find the beauty alone is reason enough to make a move.  

The Best Reasons to Move to Canada

If you are interested in making a move to Canada, these reasons should help make your decision easier. 

Some of the best cities in Canada could one day turn into your dream home where you’ll live comfortably and peacefully. 

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