6 Major Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your HVAC System

An HVAC system is, in many respects, the heart of the house. It keeps you warm when it’s cold outside, cool when the temperatures are high, and keeps fresh and clean air running throughout your home.

In other words: it works hard, so it’s only natural that from time to time, it may need updating or even upgrading. Luckily, these days, it’s easier than ever to replace HVAC system that’s no longer working as it should.

Read on to learn 6 of the major signs your HVAC system may need to be replaced.

1. Rising Utility Bills

If you notice that your utility bills have begun to creep up, but you’re not using any more energy than normal, this could be a sign that your HVAC system should be replaced. The efficiency of your system will decrease over time due to normal wear and tear, and as it becomes less efficient, your bills begin to rise.

2. Ineffective Climate Control

If you’re experiencing sweltering heat in one room of your home, and arctic temperatures in another, this could be a sign there’s something wrong with your HVAC system. It could be your thermostat at the wrong setting, but after you check to make sure this is not the case, it’s time to call the professionals.

3. You’ve Had It for Over 10 Years

Even with regular care and maintenance, there’s only so long your HVAC system will continue to run at full capacity. After a certain point, it will cease to function as it should, and become less efficient as time goes on. Most experts agree your HVAC needs replacing every 10 or 15 years.

4. Increased Running Time

Have you noticed that your system is frequently cycling or that it requires a longer period to reach the temperatures you’ve specified? If so, your HVAC may have broken down. This could just require a new coil or motor blower, but if both of those things check out ok, then a new HVAC is probably on the cards.

5. Requires Frequent Repairs

It’s normal to find your system has broken down, but if this is happening on an ongoing basis, you may need to look into a complete replacement. Certain technicians are happy to keep coming back to do repair after repair, as it generates repeat business. Make sure you choose a reputable company—such as Antons Air Conditioning and Heating—that will be honest with you about what’s really happening with your HVAC.

6. Loud Noises

There could be a number of reasons your system is making loud or unusual noises. It could be a loose part or a part that needs replacing, but if you rule out all of those things, especially if you have an older HVAC, then you’ll most likely need to have a new one installed.

Replace HVAC System: It’s Worth It

Although it’s expensive and even daunting to consider you might have to replace HVAC system, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. Failing to do so could cause property damage or even personal injury, two things you do not want.

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