5 Tips When Going Eco-Friendly: You Should Follow These

You see such news every day. A beached whale on dry land makes people scramble to their feet, helping to get it back in the waters. Eighty thousand fires in Brazil contributed to severe ecological damage in the Amazon rainforest. They may seem like scenes from a disaster movie, but unfortunately, they are real. These are why many people have warmed up to the idea of eco-friendly living and started using products like Hero Packaging and others to save Mother Earth.

Plastics, corrosive substances, toxic chemicals, and combustible objects are just some commonly-used things that destroy our planet. Fortunately, there are newer and more sustainable methods for better and safer living. Going green is a great way to ensure that you do your part in preserving the environment. If you have decided to join the green bandwagon, here are five ways to get started. 

Conserve energy

Your parents probably told you time and again to turn the light off and unplug appliances when not using them. While that is one way to conserve energy, there are more ways to do it. 

Technological advances in house construction is a great way to go green. Using solar energy at home is one. Having a green roof (one which houses flowers, plants, and other greens) improves air quality and the natural cooling atmosphere of your house. The possibilities are endless. 

Choose compostable packaging

Pollution is often dependent on the type of packaging that a store has and how they dispose of it. It’s good that most shops now put importance on lessening their carbon footprints. They do so by ensuring that their customers can dispose of their packaging materials without contributing to non-biodegradable waste. If you own a business, it is a good idea to tap companies, such as Hero Packaging, which produces innovative and compostable packaging. These are also perfect for your gardening needs if you are into the hobby of growing plants. 

Recycle and reuse

When you cannot avoid plastic, try to reuse them for something, at least. You can use PET bottles as do-it-yourself planters. Or you can hang them in clusters to make a shade for your porch. 

You can even avoid plastics sometimes. For instance, instead of using a disposable plastic straw, you can use a washable metal one. If you drink a lot of water, you can get a reusable tumbler so that you do not need a Styrofoam cup. 

Bike or walk on your way to work or school

Air pollution is a clear and present danger for humankind. One major contributor is a vehicle that uses gasoline for power. If you are near your workplace or school, you may consider using a bike or walking instead of taking a bus ride or driving a car. This way, not only you get to conserve gas, but you also get your daily dose of exercise. 

Go organic

On social media, you will find many chemical-free and all-natural handmade products. Think of soaps, cosmetics, essential oils, and even hand-sewn garments. Safety is a primary concern, so their ingredients have gone through strict quality control for secure consumption. And those who decide to go eco-friendly see these products as their first line of defence, especially when it comes to their health.

Some think that being one with nature is all about reforestation, reusing utensils, and doing away with plastic. But more individuals believe that being eco-friendly is much more than that. Supporting businesses that go green is one way of ensuring that the world is a better place to live in.

Alan Roody
Alan Roody
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