5 Things to Do Before Bringing a New Dog Home

Bringing a new dog home can be an exciting and joyful experience for your whole family. Before you rush out to pick up your new furry best friend, there are a few steps you should take to make sure the transition will be smooth for your family and your new dog. 

1. Discuss Bringing a New Dog Home

Before your new furry friend comes home, it’s important to make sure your entire household is ready. You should discuss house rules and how responsibility for the dog will be shared. Having a plan ahead of time will help the transition go more smoothly.

Figure out a schedule for who will feed and walk the dog ahead of time, so that you’re ready to meet your dog’s needs immediately. It’s also a good idea to decide what your preferences are for what furniture the dog can use, and if there are any areas in your home where the dog won’t be allowed.

2. Remove Any Harmful Substances 

Next, you should make sure your home is a pet-friendly home. Make sure any chemicals, plants, or other substances that your dog could ingest are in a place the dog can’t reach.

You also want to think about pets and pest control. Be careful about any pest control you’re currently using, making sure that it’s safe for pets. Your new dog may also attract new critters to your house, so be on the lookout for any new outbreaks of pests in your home. 


3. Get Supplies

One of the most fun preparation steps is getting the supplies you’ll need for your new dog. Buying food and water bowls, a leash and collar, and a bed is a great starting place for making your home a dog-friendly house.

It’s helpful to get a variety of toys as well, so you can figure out which ones your dog loves the most. Talk to your vet about the best pet food and treats for your new dog, and stock up on those as well. 

Getting a crate or kennel is a good idea, too. If you start crate training as soon as possible, your dog will feel less anxiety about using a crate in the future.

4. Make a Dog-Friendly Space 

Once you have all your gear, create a dog-friendly space somewhere in your home. You’ll want to pick a place where your dog will always be welcome. Set it up with food and water, a dog bed, and some toys.

When your dog first arrives, all the new sights and smells and activities can be overwhelming, so having a small, contained area where your dog can get acclimated is important. Having a dedicated space will also make your dog feel welcome in your home, which is important!

5. Find a Vet, Dog Walker, and an Obedience School

Finally, make sure you have all the professional services you’ll need are lined up. Find a reputable vet for your dog’s vaccinations and regular check-ups. If your family won’t be able to walk your dog every day, secure a reliable dog walker early so that they can bond with your dog alongside your family. 

Lastly, you should find an obedience school or training program that will enroll your dog so you can start your training off strong. 

Go Get Your Dog

Once you complete these five steps, you’re ready for the best step of all: bringing a new dog home. If these tips were helpful, be sure to check out our other pet care articles for more information on making your house the perfect place for you and your dog.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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