5 Signs You Are In Need of HVAC Maintenance

Are you sweating over your electric bill? Or, maybe you’re huddled up next to the vent trying to beat the winter freeze. 

Whatever the case, it’s likely you have an issue with your air conditioning unit. HVAC maintenance is an often-overlooked household necessity because of its perceived resilience. But every appliance in, or outside, your house needs taking care of. 

Don’t ignore the signs. These are the 5 most telling indicators that you need maintenance on your HVAC. 

1. A Soaring Electric Bill

Have you noticed your electric bill is going through the roof? This should be your biggest sign that there’s something wrong with one of your appliances in your house.

You’re charged for the amount of energy that’s being used. If something is using more energy than normal, the appliance is no longer efficiently running. 

Heating and cooling expenses are the largest portion of an electric bill. You’ll notice a disproportionate increase.

2. There’s No Cool Air 

If those sweaty nights are getting sweatier, there’s a problem with your cooling system. If you’ve set your thermostat to a cooler temperature, and you’re not noticing any improvement, then your HVAC isn’t working.

There’s likely something wrong with the coolant or the machine itself. When you have air conditioner issues, consult a mechanic. 

3. Smelly Alarms for HVAC Maintenance

You might not think it, but your air conditioner can emit smells. Oftentimes, when you’re able to smell an appliance, there’s something wrong with it. 

This is the case with HVACs, as well. A poorly performing AC will have a “hot” or burning smell coming from the vents. Some may even smell like putrid water or stinky socks. 

The smell isn’t coming from your son’s room. It’s a product of a burning belt or a mildew infestation. 

4. Your House Is a Dust Bunny Farm

One duty of the HVAC is air purification. Have you ever gone into a house that hasn’t had the AC turned on in, what seems like, a millennium? 

They’ll feel stale and dusty. The air filter attached to the HVAC source captures a huge amount of dust bunnies. Without the entrapment, they’ll roam freely throughout the house. 

5. Trouble Staying at a Temperature

A properly working HVAC can maintain a temperature perfectly. Any time your house feels like it has separate climates or weather changes, it’s a sign that your HVAC needs repair. 

The next you’re wondering what temperature it is in your house, check the thermostat. If that temperature fluctuates, despite you locking the AC, you likely need maintenance done. 

Getting the Proper Care Your HVAC Needs

HVAC maintenance isn’t something on everybody’s “honey-do” list. It’s often thought of as unimportant or not pertinent to schedule in during the weekend. 

But this can lead to impending signs that your unit needs work. If your electric bill is going up, there’s a lack of temperature control, and your house is filled with odd smells and dust, then your AC isn’t working well.

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