5 Signs It is Time to Hire Pest Control Services

Did you know there are about 91,000 species of insects in the U.S.? There are an estimated 73,000 species of insects that haven’t been identified yet living in the U.S. as well.

With so many species of insects in existence, there might be a few hundred living in and around your home. While most insects are harmless, some insects and animals do require you to hire pest control services. 

This guide will describe some signs indicating you have a pest problem. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. If You’ve Noticed Property Damage 

Damage from pests is one of the first physical signs you’ll notice. If you notice any property damage, you likely have pests in your home. 

Damaged wood or chewed-up wires usually indicate you have a pest like a rat living in your walls or roof. Wood shavings can indicate a termite infestation. 

If you see any broken or chewed food containers in your pantry, get rid of the food and call pest control immediately. 

2. Bug Bites

Getting some mosquito bites after spending a couple of hours outdoors is normal, but mysterious bug bites might indicate a pest issue. If you wake up with red patches, itchy skin, or swelling, you’ll have to contact pest control to inspect your home. 

These bites can be caused by a variety of pests including ticks, fleas, and bed bugs. Some of these bugs are so small you won’t see them in your home or when they bite you. 

3. Droppings Around Your Home

If you notice droppings inside your home, this is a clear sign you have a pest living with you. The droppings will differ in size and color depending on the pest. Typically, the bigger droppings belong to bigger pests. 

Most droppings are also pellet-shaped. As soon as you find these droppings, contact a pest control company. Pegasus Pest Control can help you find and get rid of the pests in your home for good. 

4. Weird Noises 

Weird noises coming from your basement or attic in the middle of the night are typical when you have a pest in your home. Many types of pests make scratching or rustling noises as they move through your walls or attic. 

The culprits are usually rats or squirrels. When you start hearing noises in your home, you might be dealing with an entire family of pests. 

5. Strange Odors

Preventing pest infestations means identifying the signs and calling pest control to take care of the issue right away. Strange odors you haven’t noticed before mean you’re near the pest. 

Termites leave behind a moldy smell while cockroaches leave behind the smell of bad oil. Rodents like mice and rats have urine that smells like ammonia. Look out for these smells in your home. 

Hire Pest Control Services if You Notice These Signs

You’ll need to hire pest control services if you notice any of the signs mentioned in this guide. Property damage and droppings indicate you’re living with a pest. 

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