5 Pool Barrier Tips for New Homeowners

Building inspections are a crucial aspect of any property. If buying a new home with a pool, you need to make a lot of considerations. There are stringent regulations governing pool safety and fencing, and you must adhere to all. Besides, these laws aim at guarding the security and well being of all swimmers. For instance, a pool barrier hinders your kids from entering your pool without adult supervision. They also minimize the risk of injuries such as drowning.

Here are key things to know about pool fences:

1. A fence ensures enhanced safety

Safety fences reduce the risk of drowning, particularly if you have small kids in the home. It’s also a legal obligation in most states. It’s erected around the pool to limit kids from accessing the pool without an adult. 

A pool fence helps avoid many pool-related accidents and injuries. Also, there are other safety devices that you can install, such as pool covers and signs. However, a pool fence is the most effective barrier when appropriately installed. 

2. Pool maintenance& Inspection will keep it safe

It’s your responsibility to keep your pool safe. Regular maintenance and inspection can help detect early signs of rail damages or breaks, holes and rust. It’s advisable to conduct a regular pool fence inspection to ensure that your pool barrier stays in excellent condition. 

3. Know pool barrier requirements& penalties

In most states, the required pool fence must be at least 1.2 m, with a gap between the bottom and the fence not exceeding 10 cm. Moreover, the gap between the vertical bars shouldn’t exceed 10 cm. The fence door should open outwards, and the latching device must be over 150 cm above the ground. 

You risk a penalty of over $5,500 if you’re not compliant with the pool barrier regulations. Worse still, your kids risk incurring injuries if you lack a properly installed pool fence. To ensure that our pool fencing complies with the law, hire a poll inspector to help with inspection and issues a compliance certificate.

4. A reliable pool inspector will go a long way.

A pool inspector offers repair services to ensure safety in your pool. They will also give valuable recommendations to ensure kid safety in the home pool. It’s critical to engage a reliable pool fence inspector with EI certification. The professional should be skilled enough to conduct pool fence inspections.

5. Repairs to other pool parts are critical!

Check the pool pump filters, liners, lights, heaters and electrical systems. A pool inspection will ensure that your electrical systems function optimally, which saves a lot on electrical repairs. Also, maintain the patio and replace the floorboards, and stain the spindles.

In summary

Most states require your pool to have a barrier. Also, you must adhere to other regulations on fence height, construction materials, gate restrictions and many more. Without a professional barrier inspection, you can easily overlook the safety ordinances and endanger your kid’s safety. To get a proper pool fence inspection, be sure to hire an experienced pool barrier inspector. They will examine, repair any damages and offer a compliance certificate.

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