5 Major Benefits of Buying a House on Acreage

When buying or building your home, do not focus so deeply on the details of the house that you forget about the land it sits on. Where you build your home and the plot of land you own will make a huge difference with your style of living.

While some people enjoy the low maintenance of a small lot, many look forward to the advantages of building their house on acreage. Read on to learn 5 advantages of surrounding yourself with an acre or more!

1. Opportunity for Expansion

Extra land means more opportunity to expand on your home. As your family grows, your needs will too.

Homes on lots can only expand a little bit if at all. And this takes away from yard space.

While right now you may want something perfectly manageable, later you may wish to expand your kitchen or living area, or add on bedrooms. Depending on the amount of acreage, you might also add a guest house for late when the children grow and create families of their own.

2. Privacy

Homes on lots sit fairly close to their neighbors and to the sidewalk where people walk by. This can make you feel like you’re living in a fishbowl at times. When you build on at least an acre of land, it secluded you into your own private paradise.

Enjoy coffee outside in the morning without worrying about neighbors seeing your bed head. Also, you can sunbathe without feeling ogled.

A house with acreage also gives you more options for creative open windows. The privacy can allow for large bay windows or A-frame windows without worrying about people seeing inside.

3. Entertaining Guests

Throwing a party puts smiles on everybody’s faces. Well, everybody except the uninvited neighbors’. On a small lot of land, this can result in everything from dirty looks to police calls.

With acreage, however, you will not bother anybody. Fill your yard with family and friends, pump up the volume, and utilize your space the way you want to!

4. Animals

Animal lovers may love the benefits of land on acreage. Your trained dogs can roam free on your property and you can take up other, less usual pets.

Many people find chickens and goats both delightful and useful for eggs and milk. With 2 acres per animal unit, you might even enjoy horses!

5. Recreation

With room to roam and nobody around to complain, you can make your backyard space for recreation. For your family, you might build the pool of your dreams, with ample deck space, a pool house, and a beautiful jacuzzi! You can also use your land for activities like dirt biking and snowmobiling.

Build Your House on Acreage

Owning a home gives you a property asset. But, building your house on acreage allows for freedom to use your property how you choose without the input of neighbours. On a small lot, you will never feel that true sense of ownership.

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Sudarsan Chakraborty
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