5 innovative in-house storage ideas

If there’s anything you can’t get enough of in a home it’s more storage. After all, everyone tends to gather more and more things over time, and eventually we all hit a point where we don’t have enough room to store everything we have. However, there are unique and creative ways to make more storage room in your home and help with this problem to an extent. With a little bit of thinking, you can find innovative ways to store more things in your home. In order to help you out, we have put together a list of 5 innovative in-house storage ideas. We hope you find them useful.

1. Stair storage

Turning the space under your stairs into storage is an excellent way to make more space for your belongings. Converting the exposed side of the stairs into a cupboard or shelves will give you much more room to work with, and adding some personal touches to it is a great way to make your home feel more welcoming. However, it should be noted that this project does require some skill. So, unless you have some experience with carpentry, you’re better off hiring a professional to actually make the changes. As such, it is a solution which isn’t exactly cheap, but it is very much worth it for the amount of space it will free up in your home. After all, the space under your stairs is otherwise wasted. So, why not expand your storage in a stylish way with some shelves or cupboards?


Using the space below your stairs is one of the best ways to make some in-house storage in your home.

2. Pegboards

When it comes to innovative in-house storage ideas, thinking vertically is always a great idea. And the most versatile solution for this are pegboards. They have small holes in them which allow you to arrange shelves, hooks, crates and a lot of other attachments however you like to. So, pegboards will allow you to use your walls for storage and make the most of it. To make it all better, pegboards can be put up almost anywhere. In the kitchen, office, bathroom, hallway, wherever you need extra space really, and on top of all that they’re very cheap. In your basement or garage, you could even put up an entire pegboard wall for storing tools. There is a quite a lot of creative uses for pegboards. In addition to functional items, they can be used to hang decorations and plants wherever you feel your space could use some more life.

3. Raised platforms

If the ceiling in a certain room is high enough, then adding raised platforms can help squeeze out even more space out of it, and turn the otherwise wastes space into something useful. A raised platform with storage in the bedroom, for example, can be used for storing clothes, linens or even a spare mattress if it is large enough. This extends to other parts of the house. A raised platform is a wonderful way to create a new space for something, while also having hidden storage within it. So, next time you’re spring cleaning and decluttering, take the time to note where you could add a raised platform. While it may be a bit of an investment, it pays off very quickly with the amount of storage space it will add to your home, and it makes organizing your home so much easier in the long run.


Finding the right spot for a raised platform can be a bit difficult, but it very much worth it.

4. PVC racks

Another excellent in-house storage idea is to DIY some PVC racks. The project is very inexpensive and an excellent way to store smaller items. All you need are some PVC pipes, something to cut them, glue and paint to make them look nice. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, and afterwards cut down on shoe clutter, for example, or store toiletries in the bathroom. By making a PVC shoe rack, you will have a stylish new place to store your shoes and keep them out of the way. Or, you can make decoration stands to place around the house. Of course, experts from Evolution Moving always recommend renting out a secure storage unit if you are really aching for more space. However, building some cheap racks to store stuff on is a great way to make more storage in your home and also decorate while you’re at it.

5. Above door storage

A space which is commonly overlooked in every home is the space just above doors. Because of this, it usually goes unused, and it makes for a very innovative way to make some more space. Consider adding a shelf above doors where you can. You can use it to store things you commonly use in said room, or as a way to keep items you don’t use too often out of the way. The best thing about above door storage is that it’s perfectly out of the way. These shelves can be as wide as the door frame, or even go from wall to wall, it is up to personal preference. Alternatively, if you don’t want it for storage, an above door shelf can be used to put plants for decoration. Finally, adding more storage into your home is a great way to increase house value


Using the space above your doors is a wonderful way to make some storage space out of the way.

5 innovative in-house storage ideas – closing thoughts

Sometimes, you have to get very creative in order to make more space in your home, and it ends up being both useful and beautiful. After all, while simply having more storage is very nice, adding a fancy touch to your home can make it even better. So, remember to think outside of the box if you intend to use some interesting in-house storage. We hope you found this list of 5 innovative in-house storage ideas helpful, and we wish you luck with making more space inside your home.

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