5 Different Ways To Do Pest Control

Nationwide 74% of homeowners engage in some sort of do-it-yourself pest control activity. If you are part of the vast majority, chances are that you will have to deal with some uninvited creepy crawlers in your home.

The following 5 techniques will help you eliminate pests. You can handle some pests yourself, for others you may need to hire one of many pest control companies. Read on to learn more.

Booklice Pest Control

Booklice or psocids are a common pest in moist homes full of excess moisture. If you live by a large body of water, in a rainy climate, or have damp parts of your home, chances are you have booklice.

Booklice are tiny and can infest vast areas of your home feeding off mold and rotten food matter. Fortunately, they are very easy to get rid of. All you need to do is lower the relative humidity of your home below 50 degrees.

This will dry out the booklice and make your home no longer habitable for them. You can do this by using some dehumidifiers. Throw in some air-filters as well to decrease mold spores in your air.

Ant Pest Control

Ants can be a common pest inside your home. This is especially true if they infest large tracts of your lawn or foundation with a network of ant tunnels. The best way to deal with ants is to seal off any cracks in your home.

This will prevent them from entering and you can use cheap solutions like caulk to get the job done. Make sure to buy some ant traps as well to kill any stragglers.

Termite Pest Control

Termite control is one thing that is best left to the professionals. There are however a few things you can do to reduce your chances of developing termites. 

Try moving woodpiles away from your home. Also, maintain proper ventilation and sealing. Finally, inspect your home often to avoid a termite infestation.

Flea Pest Control

If your flea infestation is out of control you need to call a professional for heat or chemical treatment. For DIY options try using bug bombs, spraying natural substances like peppermint, or using diatomaceous earth. 

Mice Pest Control

The best way to eliminate mice and other rodents is to eliminate their entry points and food sources. Give your home a thorough inspection to find these and make sure to seal them off the right way to avoid future problems.

You can also try setting traps to bait mice into. When all else fails, get a tomcat as this is one of the most natural forms of pest elimination. Not only will you get rid of your mice, but you will also gain a furry friend.

Know When You Are Out of Your League

The best pest control tip is to know when your pest problem merits the attention of a professional. If you have tried every possible solution but your pest problem refuses to subside you need to call a pro.

Call a professional pest abatement specialist or exterminator today for all of your pest control needs. For all your other news and information make sure to check out the rest of our site!

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