5 Commonplace Causes of Leaky Showers

Is your home experiencing a leaky shower? An average leaky shower head can waste 41 liters of water daily. Leaky showerheads are one of the main plumbing issues that Australians experience. It’s important to know the possible causes of such issues before considering repair options like Protect n Seal. It can help pinpoint the leak’s source and avoid possible issues like higher water bills.

Below are some primary causes of leaky showers:

Tile Grout

Installers use different types of tile grout, including epoxy tile grout. Grout is usually a mix of water, sand, and cement that is added to various construction materials like tiles.

But a small hole in grout can cause water damage. Thus, it is important for a trained professional to install new tile with new grout. After this process, you can brush on a liquid sealer now and then, so the shower stall stays water-tight.

You should also make sure to clean the tiles regularly to help prevent mould buildup and prevent damage. In case the tile starts developing problems, make sure to contact a repairman immediately. Over time the problem with tiles and grout could lead to serious issues like buckling walls.

Sliced Seal

If past installers didn’t install the liner underneath the tile properly, this can be one of the main causes of leaking water.

It’s important for the liner to fit like a glove inside the shower pan formed at the unit’s base. In other words, a professional can adjust the liner, so it fits around the corners. 

There’s a problem when you (literally) cut corners. Slicing through the liner creates a way that water spray can drip onto the floor.

A trained professional can help create an inner seal that’s 100% leak-proof. It can help ensure that the process is done properly and end leaks.

Malfunctioning Faucet

Another common cause of shower leaks is an old faucet or shower head. However, it can be difficult for repairmen to fix pipes since they’re located behind the cement board.

One option is to request a professional to install a brand new shower head unit. This can reduce one more cause of a possible leak.


Breaking Caulk

Another possible cause of a leaky shower is breaking caulk. This is caused by caulk gaps around the shower’s base. It’s another problem that a pro plumber can fix to make sure they solve the problem permanently.

It’s important to contact a professional shower installer if you notice any gaps or cracks in old caulking. They have the skills and knowledge to fix the leaks immediately.

Any Grout

This might be surprising since it’s a key component of tiles. However, if you want to avoid maintenance and repairs required like re-grouting tile, and an alternative is to pick a grout-less shower system.

It includes acrylic showers that create a basically leak-proof shower that won’t require yearly repairs. 

Another benefit of this option besides fewer repairs is easy and convenient cleaning. There’s no grout that can get trapped between tiles. So you just have to use a washcloth to wipe down the acrylic. The process is about as easy as it gets.

These are some of the main reasons to contact professional shower installers like Protect n Seal. They can determine whether the problem is a faucet, tile, seal, or other issues. The key is to conduct small repairs before they cause major damage.

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