Roofing Matters: 4 Things You Need to Know About Changing Roof Pitch

Are you thinking about changing the pitch of your roof? Before you hire a contractor, you should understand what those changes will entail. You’ll need to know what’s beneath the surface — and what changes are possible.

Read on to learn 4 things you should know about changing roof pitch!

1. Understand How Different Roof Pitches Affect Plumbing

Keep in mind that your roof isn’t just a hat on your home. It protects plumbing, electrical wiring, and insulation. In other words, you’ll have several factors to consider before you can make a change

Similarly, if you’re moving from a standard roof pitch to something lower, you could cut into attic space. On the plus side, you could enhance your insulation if you scrap an older existing roof in favour of newer materials. 

2. Changing Roof Pitch Can Help Water Drain Better

When the severe summer thunderstorms rumble through, you want to know that your home can withstand the elements. If you have a low pitch roof, the water may not be draining properly. Leaks in your attic or pooled water on the roof could indicate a roof pitch issue.

Adding a stronger pitch to your roof will help the water drain more efficiently into downspouts during a heavy downpour. It also can provide a more effective barrier against the development of mold. Mold spores in the home won’t make for good air quality!


3. Your Home’s Appearance Will Transform

If you ever try to sell your home, you’ll learn that curb appeal matters. Curb appeal refers to the visual appeal of your home and its landscaping. Your roof plays a pivotal role in shaping how people see your home.

For instance, a low pitch roof might make your home look one-dimensional and flat. Elevating the pitch of your roof can add angles and interest.

Turn to Resilient Roofing for help with the process. They can provide professional roofing services that will transform the look of your property!

4. Learn the Average Cost to Change Pitch of Roof

Wondering how to change roof pitch? That’s a job that’s best left to the professionals. The amount of structural work to make a significant roofing change is intense. In fact, it could cost you over $10,000, if not more.

Switching to a roof with a higher pitch could mean turning to a material like slate, for instance. And slate is much more expensive than asphalt. Do your homework on the cost of materials before diving into the process!

While that’s a significant investment, the payoff can be greater. You’ll gain roof space that adds more drama to your living space. And you could increase your property value if you are deliberate with your approach.

Research Different Roof Pitches

Changing roof pitch is no small task. But when you examine different roof pitches and choose a quality roofing company, you can get excellent results. Just make sure you have realistic expectations and understand how the change will affect plumbing and electrical work. 

For new tips to remodel your house into a home, check back for more fresh articles!

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