4 Signs Your Old Lounge Needs Replacing

A lounge or couch is the perfect seat for relaxing during a break or after a long day at work. We all love our lounges—we use them for naps, for family movie night, for playing board games with friends—which means they get a lot of use. Unfortunately, this means that, inevitably, your trusty, comfortably couch will stop feeling so comfortable. 

If you’ve had your sofa for many years, you may need to replace it with a new one. Here are some signs indicating a need to change your lounge: 

1. Lumbar Support is Gone 

One way to know if your lounge or couch needs to be replaced is when its lumbar support is gone. You can feel this if you’re napping, and you feel as if you could feel the floor through the couch cushion. 

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However, if your couch is still usable and the only issue is the lack of support, you may try adding new filling instead. You can do this if you can easily remove the upholstery from the seat cushions, or if the structure of the couch itself still in good shape.  

You can use shredded foam, solid foam, or pillow inserts for the seat cushions. Then, place a piece of plywood with a half-inch thickness under the cushions. With this, you can add more support to the seat cushions. 


2. Odor and Itchy Fabric 

Another sign to look out for is when your lounge stinks—not because you spilled some liquid that hasn’t dried up, but the odor of being overused and worn out. It may smell musty even when you’ve sprayed fabric freshener on it.  

The musty smell is the accumulation of various odors. These include sweaty bodies, dirty feet, food stains, pet odors, and the like. You can remove this odor at first, but as time passes by, the smell will overpower your efforts. It’s because the smell or odor will spread from the cushion covers into the padding underneath. 

When this happens, the odor will also spread throughout your room because the lounge’s fabric will hold these smells.  

If the smell is still persistent even after you steam clean and vacuum your lounge, this means you should replace your old couch. 

3. Creaking Sounds 

If your lounge creaks, squeaks, or pops every time you settle down on it, then that’s a sign that it’s probably worn out. Those sounds indicate that there might be a structural issue in your couch. Although you can try to repair it, the cost may be similar to the price of a new lounge, so it would be more cost-effective in the long run to just get a new sofa. 

4. Out of Style 

You may also change your couch if you’ve changed the style of the room where it’s located. If the lounge doesn’t fit the room’s design, it may only destroy the aesthetic appeal of the room. That means you may need to buy one that will better complement the room’s interior.  

Don’t hesitate to change your lounge to fit your style—your home is your haven, and you should feel happy and relaxed when you enter a room. 

However, if the lounge is still functional, you may want to put it in another room where it’ll fit, or you can place a cover that will fit your room’s décor.  


Changing your lounge is vital when it no longer serves its purpose. Buying a new one will help you relax because you have a seat where you can comfortably lie down without worrying about those ominous sounds or that pervasive stink, and you’ll be assured that you’ll have comfortable and attractive seating for years to come.  

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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