3 Simple Landscaping Tips for Your House

For beginning landscapers, starting a landscaping project can be intimidating.

Not only does it take skill to actually landscape your yard, but you also need to understand what goes into a good landscaping design.

But without a few landscaping ideas, it’s hard to know where to start.

Luckily, there are a few tried and true landscaping techniques that can immediately transform your yard. Even employing only one of them is bound to elevate your property.

So keep reading for three simple landscaping tips. Afterward, you’ll understand that just a few choices can transform your backyard.

1. Use Climbing Plants

Now, whether you use this landscaping advice depends on your home’s surrounding climate. If your home’s exterior endures a lot of sunlight and lower humidity, then climbing plants are great. But if you live in wetter, gloomier conditions, then they probably aren’t the best idea.

That’s because many climbing plants, by nature, make their way into crevices and cracks. Even if they’re well-maintained, the plants’ moisture may weaken your home’s structural damage. That’s why climbing plants need a lot of sunlight and dry weather to counteract that moisture.

Beyond that, climbing plants are gorgeous. Virginia Creepers look stunning in the fall season when they start to redden and yellow. Star Jasmines are delicate flora that imparts a strong, sweet aroma to anyone that walks by.

2. Install Outdoor Lighting

This is essential for anyone that cares about their backyard’s ambiance. Not only does it provide nighttime brightness, but it can also highlight the best parts of your landscaping.

There are outdoor lighting options for any homeowner, no matter their design preference or budget. Downlight wall sconces add soft, even illumination across your exterior walls without blinding onlookers. Solar-powered, waterproof string lights are cheaper backyard landscaping illumination options that still look stunning when displayed.

3. Plant Climate-Friendly Flowers

Any landscaping hobbyist understands how time-consuming backyard landscaping is. Even after you’ve planted your flower beds, there’s plenty of daily tasks needed to maintain and nurture your surrounding flora.

Learning how to landscape is difficult already (unless you employ the services of a landscaping company). But if you’re a beginner, coupling that journey with hard-to-grow plants might make home landscaping difficult.

So if you live in a hot, dry place, plant species compatible with your area’s climate — like desert-friendly shrubbery and flowers, planted securely in a rock-soil yard. Or if you live in a humid area, you should plant flora such as ferns, orchids, and monsteras.

Live in Paradise With These Landscaping Tips

Landscaping is a lot of work, but it should be enjoyable work that produces great results. By using a few key landscaping tips, you’ll achieve exactly that.

This guide should inspire you to bulk up your home improvement shopping cart. If it did, then check out the rest of our blog! We’ve got plenty of other posts for dedicated homeowners just like you.

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