3 Problems Affecting Coastal Houses and Their Solutions

Australia is a country surrounded by the ocean, and it has a vast coastal area. And hence a large part of its population is concentrated in coastal towns like Woy Woy. Due to the beautiful beaches, towns like Woy Woy have many houses near the ocean. And even though building houses near to the sea increases the beauty, there are several downsides to this. Soil erosion affects the structural strength, and the salty wind and sand destroy the many fittings. Due to this situation, the need for an emergency plumber in Woy Woy is comparatively very high.

The soil erosion sometimes affects partially and sometimes hits the whole building. When partially affected, the most affected sections are the plumbing materials and paint. Furthermore, many slow changes are also leading to the destruction of the houses. 

So, the major problems affecting the households are:

1. Rising Sea Level

The biggest problem Australian coastal towns are now facing is the rising sea level. Due to the increase in average global temperature, the polar ice caps are melting. And as a result of this environmental change, the sea level is rising, and the coastal areas are slowly getting submerged. The rising sea level threatens humans and other lifeforms, just as the waves from the sea weaken the houses. Besides this, the salty water content in the soil corrodes the metal supports of homes.

2. Soil Erosion and Weathering

In coastal towns like Woy Woy, there are so many houses constructed close to the ocean. But the repeated strike of waves takes the soil into the sea. So, if this continues to happen for too long, the area near the houses will get washed away. This erosion also affects the strength of the houses’ foundations. Sometimes the brick walls are also depleted due to this, and the weather protection is taken away as well. 

Australia has different weather conditions in various regions. But one of the most changing weather conditions is in coastal towns like Woy Woy. Each weather affects the coastal area differently, and the strong wind along with the blowing sand destroy the exterior paint. Also, the sand in the air enters the house through different openings and damages plumbing fittings and other appliances. Meanwhile, salty air from the ocean leads to faster corrosion of metal parts. Mainly, the metal parts exposed outside are more prone to this problem.

3. Interior Problems

The interior of the houses is also affected by the salt content in the air and sand since leather and other fabrics are frequently subjected to deterioration. Besides, carpets and other materials suffer from the sand, alongside electrical devices and other appliances that get damaged by sand and corrosion.

The metal parts in many household appliances are also highly susceptible to degradation due to the salty air.

Solutions to These Problems

Avoid Leaks and Limit the Air Entryways

The leaks in houses can cause long-term damages, but in the case of homes near the ocean, the results are much more severe. Due to the higher salt content in the air, the leaks coming in contact with the electrical parts may cause a short circuit. 

The salt content can also corrode the metal parts of appliances. Limiting the air entryways or covering the windows with filters can restrict the sand coming into the house. This may help the appliances and fabrics from destruction.

Regular Maintenance

Several problems can occur in the different parts of a coastal house. Even so, the availability of emergency plumbers in Woy Woy and other similar coastal towns makes regular maintenance more manageable. Regular checking of fittings and appliances can save you from completely replacing such systems. Also, check the roof for cracks or any other significant damages. You can also occasionally paint the exterior walls to prevent outside wall erosion.

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