3 Often Forgotten Home Maintenance Tasks

It’s hard to overstate the importance of staying on top of home maintenance! Put these essential tasks off for too long and you open the door to all sorts of expensive (and avoidable) issues. Indeed, 30% of homeowners have to handle emergency repairs each year, costing them an average of $1206.

Alas, some important chores are easy to forget about! Want to discover 3 of the least obvious ones so you can add them to your home maintenance checklist? Keep reading.

1. Roof and Gutter Inspections

Checking your roof for signs of damage is crucial. Why?

Because broken or missing shingles can lead to leaks, which can cause wooden beams to rot and mold to form. Leave it too long and those leaks can even threaten the structural integrity of the roof!

Grab a ladder and inspect your gutters while you’re at it! There’s a good chance you’ll have all sorts of leaves, dirt, and debris inside that can create troublesome clogs. Clear those gutters out so they can function properly the next time it rains.

2. Smoke Detector Tests

House fires and smoke inhalation have a devastating impact on families every year. That’s why it’s imperative to test your smoke detectors on a regular basis! These lifesaving devices alert you to danger in the early stages of a blaze, allowing you and your loved ones to evacuate the premises.

Test the alarms by holding the ‘test’ button down for a few seconds. You’ll know they’re working if they emit an ear-splitting siren! If that doesn’t happen, or if the sound’s surprisingly quiet, you should replace the batteries ASAP.

3. HVAC Filter Changes

Having a functioning A/C makes an almighty difference when it’s the middle of summer and scorching hot outside. It regulates the temperature, cools you down, and makes life bearable in the house. Want to continue reaping those rewards?

Change the filter every now and again!

Don’t, and it’ll get clogged up with dust that impacts the unit’s ability to cool the air. Not only will this increase your utility bills, but it’ll also put undue pressure on the inner mechanics of the A/C itself. In worst-case scenarios, it might stop working altogether.

We recommend checking the filter once a month to see if it’s too dirty. You can then swap it for a new one if the answer’s “yes”! Oh, and be sure to call the professionals if your unit requires more significant air conditioner maintenance work.

Don’t Forget These Home Maintenance Tasks

Owning a house comes with certain responsibilities. And staying on top of home maintenance is one of the most important! Trust us, doing these chores is the best way to keep your property in good condition and avoid having to make expensive repairs.

The tricky part’s creating a comprehensive home maintenance schedule that covers all the essential tasks! With any luck, the three suggestions on this list will help in that regard. Want to learn more about this area of life?

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