A story or you can even say ”Storey” means one story, it is part of the building. We use Storey or Story house for working and storing people. Any story should be measured from its floor to the ceiling. Storey can sometimes be used to measure the unit of the house. When the building is constructed only then its height is varied based on that. What should be the height of a two-story house, which will be its average, we will follow on average height of 2 story house in this article.

The maximum height of a sorey or story can be 15 feet so, you can build a two-story house with 30 feet in height.

Accurate measurement of the height of each story:

Buildings must adhere to their height and story limits. You will have as many floors as you can complete that limit. If the height of a story is 15 feet, then you can have a 2-storey house with a height of 30 feet in it. We can calculate the distance between 2 floors in a story. This calculation is from the bottom to the top one. Scaffolding in a building affects its height. The attic or scaffolding should be placed according to the demand of the owner of the house. The height of a story is about 8 to 10 feet of ceilings depending on the tradition. In general, if your story is 7 feet, then the height of a 2-story house will be 14 feet.

If the average of a 2 story house is calculated, if a story is 10 feet long, then it will be responsible for 8 foot for the ceiling and 2 foot. Based on this calculation, a 2-story house should be 20 feet.

The structure of a story also depends on its usefulness. A residential house has a ceiling of 8 to 9 feet, in addition, an office has a ceiling of 9 to 10 feet. Although the roof and the next floor require 18 to 24 inches, the ceiling can belong in places like theaters.

It is necessary to know what the length of the roof should be because the length of all the roof cannot be the same. All the stories in a building can be different from each other. For example, the living room requires a higher ceiling than other parts of the house. How tall is a story depends on its usefulness?

Some factors affecting altitude:

It is also necessary to be aware of other factors affecting the height of a house. Some people do not like to live in small places but if the story is short then it is more comfortable. If the story is high, then its location is fixed and the decoration of each story depends on its work for a long time.

There should be some characteristics of the area for house construction:

If you have a large area, it can be quite easy to decide the height of the story. The area of ​​the staircase for a 2-story house would be moderately proportional to the construction. If your story is high then it will not match with small area stairs. This may cause a large slope for the stairs if done, as a result, it will also make it difficult to move between stories and can also be a threat.

Effect of climate on the height of the storied house:

Ventilation for the house does not depend on the height of each floor. It depends it may or may not affect convection. The height of each story is set to 8 to 9 feet in the area with a tropical climate. The area which has a good climate, the area has a height of 10 feet for each story is much better. Windows help in ventilation.

Effect of story height on building budget:

If the height of the roof increases, then it also affects its budget. Obviously, if the height of the roof is high then it will also require more stills, concrete, and brick. Therefore, the height of a house is also determined based on the financial ability of the owner of the house.

Conclusion About Two Story House Height:

In conclusion, in the present era, more recognition should be given to the use, savings and rationality in home construction. I write the content in relation to the height of the house, hope it will help you in determining the height of the house.

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