How to remove scratches from aquarium glass or Any Glass

Are you interested to know how to remove scratches from aquarium glass or Any Glass? If you have an aquarium or any glass object that gets scratched then you should read the entire post. In this post I’ll tell you 3 simple ways of removing scratches from glass. A scratched glass never looks good. So, if you have some questions in mind like: How to remove scratches from watch? How to remove scratches from cell phone glass? How to remove scratches from glass aquarium? and How to remove scratches from sunglass?-you can apply these tricks.

How to remove scratches from glass?

To remove scratches from glass you need to have some items that are readily available in our home. You need not go to the market to buy any special products. So in this post I’ll discuss about 3 ways to remove scratches from glass aquarium or any glass. So let’s begin.

1st Process: Remove scratches from Glass Using Toothpaste and a Microfiber Cloth:


Main Ingredient: Toothpaste(Non-Gel Based)
2nd IngredientA microfiber cloth.

Only Use Non-Gel based Toothpaste.


1) Detect the scratched area,

2) Clean the glass surface properly

3) Apply a good amount of Toothpaste.

4) rub the toothpaste on the scratched area with the help of Microfiber Cloth,

5) Do not over press the surface

6) You need to rub in a small circular way for 30-60 seconds

7) Look at the scratches and notice if the scratched area gets clear or not.

8) You need to do several 30-60 seconds rubbing to minimize the scratches.

9) Once you look visible removal of scratches, you need to stop rubbing.

10) Now wipe off the area with fresh damp cloth.

Wow! Now you have the scratched removed from the glass Surface.

Use Microfiber cloth for better results.

2nd Process: Remove the Scratches from glass using Nail Polish:


Main IngredientA nail polish
2nd IngredientA nail polish remover
3rd IngredientA microfiber cloth

Nail Polish and Nail Polish Remover is very effective.


1) Detect the Scratched surface of the glass

2) Clean the area with a damp cloth properly

3) Apply the nail polish on the scratched area

4) Leave the nail polish to dry properly

5) It will take a good amount of time to dry- up to an hour or so.

6) Apply the nail polish removal

7) Use a microfiber cloth and try to wipe off the nail polish

8) Rub slowly in a small circular motion

After wiping off you can see a visible result in the glass surface. It is a little bit time-consuming process but it is quite effective too. If you do not want to use any of the above discussed 2 processes just go to the third process of remove scratches from aquarium glass. For more such interesting facts, please visit:

3rd Process: Use Baking Soda to remove scratches:

Main IngredientSome baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate)
2nd Ingredient A microfiber cloth

Baking Soda is very useful when it comes to removing Scratches from Glass surface.


1) Detect the scratched area and clean properly,

2) Apply some baking Soda in the surface with some water

3) Rub with a damp microfiber cloth

4) Rub until you see visible results in the glass

5) Now clean the area with a damp cloth.


Above I mentioned 3 good processes by doing which you can successfully remove scratches from the glass surface. All the ingredients are easily available in our home so you need not worry about it. So next time you see scratches in the glass surface, you can apply any of the processes to remove scratches from the glass surface.

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