How to Decorate a Teenage Girls’ Room?

Every teenage girl has her own thoughts for the room. Teenage life- full of enthusiasm, lots of courage to do the things on own, love to take decisions by own, etc. So always keep in the mind, what she likes and what she hates when you are going to design her room. Here are some ideas to decorate her room. If you are a teenager then you should know How to decorate a teenage girls’ room?

10 Ideas on How to Decorate a Teenage Girls’ Room

  • Boho look

Nowadays boho looks are very popular not only among teenage girls even adults also. For this, you need a woven wall hanging, a beautiful woven knit blanket, and some knitted plant holders for a room.

Use a soft cozy carpet also which will enhance the room decor.

  • Colorful +Attractive

If you choose white furniture then pair it with the soft color walls. Choose bedding and accessories according to the room contrast. Enhance the beauty of a room by wall mounted flat tv screen on a simple and elegant tv panel.

  • Wall of memories and thoughts

You can make an interlocking ribbon net for the wall. On which she can paste postcards, her beautiful pics, or you can enhance the beauty of this by using led lights.

  • Study corner

Don’t forget to design a corner for her studies. You can use built-in-desk and shelves furniture. They came into the market in many designs. you can select that by her choice and according to the room size. Place a beautiful and comfortable chair for her.

  • Almirah and dressing

The most important thing is the almirah. choose it wisely according to her needs, she is a growing child so keep in mind about the space she needs in the future also. Almirahs also available in the market in many designs choose accordingly her room’s interior.

You cannot deny the need for dressing table because girls always like to do makeup in all ages.  Arrange a beautiful mirror for her in the room and space for her things like pressing rode, curling rode, combs, nail paints, lipsticks, etc.

  • Curtains

Curtains are the main elements in room decor, you cannot ignore them. If you don’t like curtains you can take the option of blinds. Both things are available in many designs and every choice of prices, you can buy them accordingly.

  • Cozy corner

If you have a window in a room then you can make a cozy, pillow window seat for her. Where she can read, write, or can imagine. You can decorate this corner by colorful cushions of animal and fruit shapes. You can double up space by using drawers below the seat.

  • Greenery

You can also add some greenery in her room by real plants, which will give her purified air also. Use beautiful pots and place them in any corner of the room.

  • Hanging chairs

Hanging chairs are great for lounging, reading, thinking, and quick naps. These types of Hanging chairs are one of the adorable things which everybody likes.

  • Bed

You can purchase a bed with frames. Decorate it with beautiful color dupattas fabric, dream catchers, 3d paper ball stings, or as she likes.

Last Words on How to decorate a teenage girls’ room:

As parents, make sure to take advice from your teenage daughter while designing her room. Hearing them out, let her choose the colors for their room. Designing the room of your daughter is an opportunity for you to know her.

Happy living!!

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