Dos and don’ts of building an ADU

The ADU development process is complex and time-consuming, and it involves numerous aspects of construction, planning, budgeting, and design. However, ADUs are beneficial to homeowners as they add extra living space and can be rented out for additional income.

Additionally, ADUs boost your home’s resale value, and they’re a great way to optimize the space on your property. If you’re considering ADU development, here are some dos and don’ts to ensure successful completion.


1. Check local zoning laws

To take advantage of the benefits that ADU development offers and have a legal and safe structure, you need to obtain all the necessary permits. You can consult the local regulatory body in your area for permits or contact a professional contractor who understands local zoning laws.

Keep in mind different types of ADU constructions may require different permits.

2. Consider your design options

ADU development is a significant investment that you need to do right the first time, so don’t rush it. Instead, carefully analyze the kind of ADU you want and its function. For instance, if you’re building an attached ADU, you can extend your home’s heating and cooling system to it, saving on a new AC.

3. Set a budget and schedule

Creating a budget for your ADU development makes planning much easier and gives your contractor an idea of your goals. Additionally, setting a timeline ensures your project runs smoothly as it holds everyone accountable and organizes the entire project.


1. Cut corners

ADU development can take time, but this doesn’t mean you should skip steps to save money or finish the construction early. Cutting corners can result in costly mistakes that take more time and money to resolve.

2. DIY

When it comes to ADU development, you’re better off hiring experienced professionals to help you with planning and building. If you DIY, you’re more likely to make mistakes or spend too much time and money on your ADU project.

3. Hire anyone

Generally, it’s not advisable to hire the first company that contacts you. Explore your options and get different quotes. The goal is to hire an experienced and trained professional that values customer satisfaction.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
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