Breakfast Bar Stool Design Ideas

The kitchen is not only meant for cooking alone. The product made in the kitchen can also be consumed there or a relaxation spot while the coffee brews. A breakfast bar needs to be constructed in the kitchen to make that a reality. It doesn’t matter how small the kitchen might be; it can accommodate a small breakfast bar. All that is required is proper planning and space managing skills. The breakfast bar in your cooking area can become a suitable spot for a mini hangout.

“Variety”, they say, “is the spice of life” there are different types of kitchen bar tools around. The essence of this article is to present you with other options. Below is an eye-opener about the available options.

Make it Homely

You can make your kitchen feel just like your living room with a couple of family photos. Some memories that you are fond of as a family can be displayed. You can go on to have a movable feast as it doesn’t have to be inbuilt. For a better display, you can use a freestanding wooden butcher’s block to do this. It could serve multiple purposes, either as a place to toast to a glass of wine or enjoy your freshly brewed morning coffee. 

Make it Colourful

The colours added to the bar should not be dull. The colours should be bright and cheerful. When it starts to become archaic, in your opinion, it could be the right time for a clean-up or refurbishing. If it is made of wood, you can sand and polish it again. By this, you are eradicating dents in the spaces. The dents are the major places where dust and food particles get stuck. The polish for the finishing should complement the d├ęcor used in the kitchen. This ensures that both colours blend in to give the kitchen a new and lively look.


Addition of Breakfast Bar Stools 

A set of breakfast bar stools can be an excellent addition to the breakfast bar. Irrespective of the size of the breakfast bar, the inclusion of a stool will make it more comfortable. When you go to the market, you will find several designs for stools. Ensure that you survey the market thoroughly to make an informed decision. The stool should be and also comfortable to sit on. While at the market, there is no harm in sitting down on the stool before buying it. Ideally, the stool and the counter space should be about 9 and 13 inches.  Ensure that the height of the stool matches the height of the table. The chairs should have lovely designs that align with your plan for your breakfast bar.

It Should be Bright

The breakfast bar area should be in the dark. You can use bright bulbs or light to brighten up the area. Also, it should be situated in a place with enough sunlight. If the area is too dark, it will discourage family members and friends from using it regularly. Light bulbs can also be fixed on the top of the counter to give it an extra bit of brightness.

After reading this piece and checking out the recommendations made, your breakfast bar will undoubtedly be a phenomenon. The article’s essence is to give you an insight into how best you can make your breakfast bar standard and envy of all visitors.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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