11 Tips for a Low-stress House Move

Getting the keys to a brand new home can be exciting and daunting in equal measure. If you’re preparing to take that all-important next step on the property ladder, you may be looking forward to personalizing your new home. However, before you can concentrate on enjoying your new property, there’s the matter of preparing for your big move to contend with. Before the big day, read this article as guide on how to control lingering anxiety and more!

Transferring all your worldly goods from one home to another may seem daunting. However, there’s no need to stress. Follow our 11 expert tips and we’re confident you’ll agree, with a little know-how and forward planning, moving home isn’t quite as scary as many make it out to be.

Ready to get started? Let’s get to it …

Sort Out Your Utilities

One of the most important considerations is ensuring utilities such as gas, water and electricity are set up in your new home. Many people, especially those who need to work from home also consider internet access an essential utility. With this in mind, you should also arrange for your internet provider to set up your connection as soon as you can!

Register with Your Local Authority

When you move house, it is a legal requirement to register the move with the relevant local authority for council tax purposes. You should be able to do this relatively quickly either online or over the phone.

Get in Touch with a Removals Company

If you’re not keen on the prospect of a day (or more) of heavy lifting and trips back and forth between your old and new home, you should call a reliable local removals company. If you hire a professional removals company, you’ll have a team of specialists at your disposal who will take care of every aspect of the move, from taking inventory of your belongings to loading them into their removals vehicle and finally, lifting each item into place at your new property!

Pack up Your Belongings – Or Hire Someone To!

Before the day of your big move, you can stock up on packing supplies such as cardboard boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap and set to work packing up everything. Alternatively, if you want to save yourself a little effort, you can make use of the packing service available from your local removals company, who will take care of this task for a small fee.

Register to Vote

If you would like to remain on the electoral register following your house move, you will need to re-register to vote from your new address. This can be done almost instantly via the Government website.

Notify the Businesses and Organisations You Deal With

You should also change your registered address with any organizations or businesses that you deal with. These include car insurers, banks, local authorities, and doctors’ surgeries. And, if you are moving to a completely new area, it may be also necessary to register with local branches to access specific services.

Notify the DVLA

If you own or drive any vehicles that are registered to your old property’s address, you will need to notify the DVLA about your move. Failure to notify the DVLA about a change of address could result in a £1,000 fine.

Divert Your Mail

Make sure you contact Royal Mail and request any of your mail that’s sent to your old address is diverted to the new one. There is a small activation charge for this service which will ensure that any important documents, bills and deliveries reach you at your new address.

Give Your Clothes a Wash

Yes, that’s right. Washing and ironing all your clothing a day or two before your big move will leave you with one less hassle to deal with. After all, once you’re settled in your new home, a bag of grimy clothes is the last thing you’ll want to deal with .. 

Check Out the Local Attractions

If you’re moving to a brand new area, why not take a day out to explore all the bars, shops, restaurants and other facilities nearby? Introduce yourself to any residents you meet and don’t forget to ask for their recommendations on where to visit!

Call in the Locksmith

If anyone other than the departing owner of your new home has a set of keys, they could still access the property. Making sure you change the locks prior to moving in will prevent unexpected callers from letting themselves into your home.

Happy Moving – and Good Luck!

We hope you found our article helpful and have now figured out how to make your upcoming house move a little less stressful. No matter what you’ve got planned, we wish you all the best for your move and the future in your brand new home!

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty

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